AIS SART HY-st9 di Batam

AIS SART HY-st9 yang kami jual adalah produk baru dengan kualitas terbaik dan serta memiliki sertifikasi kelayakan.

AIS SART HY-st9 Introduction

AIS SART is the new generation of safe rescue device for marine use tha bases on AIS technology and adopts modular design. The product is characterized by low power consumption, small volum, light weight and high reliability. It has been granted with a marine product certificate by the Register of Fishing Vessel of the People’s Republic of Chine (certificate number: COOOO1500198) and the model approval from china.


In case that a ship gets into danger, AIS SART can send the information about the positions of the crew to AIS device, so as to greatly improve the survical ratio of them.


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AIS SART HY-st9 details:


  • Weight: 500g
  • Date Rate: 9600bps
  • Action Distance: >5nm
  • Size: 350mm(H), 103mm(W)
  • Power Source: Li Battery, 7.2 V
  • Worktable Time: >96 hours(-20°C)
  • Water-Tightness: 10M/Keeping 5 minutes
  • Transmitting Power: 2W(33dBm)±1.5dB
  • Frequency Range: 161.975MHz, 162.025MHz
  • Modulation Mode: GMSK/FM
  • Working Temperature: -20°C -55°C


GMSK modulation, embedded processing platform and time-division multiple address are adopted.


Produk AIS SART HY-st96 ini juga tersedia di Batam – Jakarta – Samarinda – Surabaya – China.


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