Bending Machine WC 67Y/K

Bending Machine WC 67Y/K yang kami jual adalah produk baru dengan kualitas terbaik dan serta memiliki sertifikasi kelayakan.


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Bending Machine WC 67Y /K details:


  1. The whole machine is sheet welded structure, with internal stress eliminated by vibration aging technology, high strength and rigidity of machine.
  2. Double hydraulic oil cylinder is applied for upper transmission, provider with mechanical limit stopper and synchronous torsion bar, typical of stable and relible operation, as well as high precision.
  3. Electrical control and manual fine-tuning mode are adopted for distance of rear stopper and stroke of adopted for distance of rear stopper and stroke of gliding block, and fitted with digital display device easy and quick in use.
  4. Upper die is fitted with deflection compensation device.

Bending Machine Main Technical Data

bending machine

Produk Bending Machine ini tersedia di Batam – Jakarta – Samarinda – Surabaya & China.


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