CNC QC11Y/QC11K Guilotine Shears Series

CNC QC11Y/QC11K Guilotine Shears Series yang kami jual adalah produk baru dengan kualitas terbaik dan serta memiliki sertifikasi kelayakan.


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CNC QC11Y/QC11K Guilotine Shears Series Brake details:


  1. The second generation of hydraulic shears.
  2. The rack and knife rest use the overall welding, by vibration to eliminate stress and maintain good accuracy.
  3. To use of advanced integrated hydraulic system make good reliability.
  4. The use of three-point rolling guide eliminates the support gap and improves the quality of shear.
  5. To open the blade, four blade can all be used, that makes service life long.
  6. Blade gap hand wheel adjust rapidly, accurately and conveniently.
  7. Adjustable shearing angle has reduced the sheet distortion.
  8. Top rest uses the introversion structure facilitate blanking and improve the accuracy of the production.
  9. It shears with piecewise functions.
  10. With motor rear block and figures show.

CNC QC11Y/QC11K Maint Technical Data

  • All steel welded structure, vibrating treatment and heating elimination internal stress, with good rigidity and stability.
  • Integrated hydraulic transmission system, with good reliability
  • Triple support rolling with manual fine turning and digital indication.
  • Clearance in between shearing blades adjusted by hand wheel to be quick, accurate and convenient.
  • Rectangular blades with four cutting edges to prolong working life.
  • Adjusting shearing angle to reduce deformation of the sheet.
  • Upper blade holder has inward tilting structure ti facilitate material feed in and also enhance accuracy of the work piece.
  • Function of shearing in sections, function of aligning with light.
  • Rear material holding device.

CNC QC11Y/QC11K Guilotine Shears Series Brake


Produk CNC QC11Y/QC11K Guilotine Shears Series Brake ini tersedia di Batam, jakarta, Samarinda, Surabaya & China.


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