KJ – 1 Auto Telephone Exchanger

KJ – 1 Auto Telephone Exchanger

Two-user call: Three-user call
Conference call: Cut in
Remote control broadcast: Cut off
Call shoreline / Call from shoreline
Max. user lines: 24/48/>48

– Program control exchange : auto telephone call through dialing.
– Remote control public address : authorized subscriber can turn on the public address.
– Broadcasting paging : authorized subscriber can look for people through broadcasting.


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KJ – 1 Auto Telephone Exchanger Specification

Signal tone: 450±25Hz Sine wave
Ringing current voltage: 75±10V、25±3Hz
Transmission loss: ≤2dB
Crosstalk loss: ≥68dB
Subscriber feedback voltage: 24V
Color: Green gray(RAL 6034)
Main power: AC220V±10%
Emergency power: DC24V
Maximum power loss: 40/60/100W
IP class: IP20/IP22
Weight: 17.3/24.52/42Kg


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