Marine VHF Radio Telephone CZ-M59C

Marine VHF Radio Telephone CZ-M59C yang kami jual adalah produk baru dengan kualitas terbaik dan serta memiliki sertifikasi kelayakan.


CZ-M59C Telephone is an andvaced marine VHF radi telephone, featured by a high stability, easy operation, intuitive display and effective communication in terms of application, adopting high-quality components and equipped with waterproofing devices.


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Marine VHF Radio Telephone CZ-M59C details:



  • Frequency Range: 156.025~163.275 MHZ
  • Channel Spacing: 25KHZ
  • Number of Signal Channels: 97 (Including 10 meteorological signal channels)
  • Modulation Mode: DC 13.8V ±15%
  • Power Supply: At The Transmitting
  • Current Consumption(13.8V): GA/1A; At the standby state: 250mA
  • State: 6A/1A; At the standby state: 350mA
  • Frequency Stability: ±10PPm
  • Range of Operation Temperature: -15°C~-55°C


  • Transmitting Frequency: 156.025~163.275 MHZ
  • Output Power: <25W / 1W
  • Modulation Mode: FM
  • Maximum Frequency Deviation: ±5 KHZ
  • Modulation Sensitivity: <17mV
  • Modulation Distortion: <7%


  • Receiver Frequncy: 156.025~163.275 MHZ
  • Receiving System: Doublo-Conversion Super Heterodyne
  • Intermediate Frequency: 1st IF: 21.4 MHZ; 2nd IF: 455 KHZ
  • Reference Sensibility: <0.25 µ V
  • Threshold Squelch Opening Sensitivity: <0.15µ V
  • Deeply Squelch Opening Threshold: >5 KHZ
  • Audio Distortion: <7%
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity: >65dB
  • Inter-Modulation Immunity: >65dB
  • Modulation Receiving Bandwidth: >2×5 KHZ


Produk Marine VHF Radio Telephone CZ-M59C ini juga tersedia di Batam – Jakarta – Samarinda  –  Surabaya –  China.


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