ODME System

To reduce the pollution of the marine vessel, the RD-ODME Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment has been designed to provide for monitoring, recording and controlling the ballast discharge in accordance with the latest requirement of MEPC 108(49) and Revised Annex I of MARPOL 73/78, aswell as suitable for discharge of bilde slop.


Technical Specification

Ambient Temperature: 0°C —50°C
Ambient humidity: 80%
Response time: <40S
Sample pump power: AC380V,AC440V
System power supply: AC220110%V, 50Hz,±5%
Measuring range: 0-1000ppm
Measuring accuracy:±10%FS
Overboard valve air source: 0.7Mpa
Return valve air source: 0.7Mpa


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