Overhead Bridge Crane (Double)

Overhead Bridge Crane (Double) yang kami jual adalah produk baru dengan kualitas terbaik dan serta memiliki sertifikasi kelayakan.


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Overhead Bridge Crane (Double) details:

Overhead Bridge Crane (Double)

Structure: Composed by hosting mechanism, a single main beam, side and electric control system, small in size, light in weight and small in wheel load.

Driving: Squirrel-cage motor (60%ED)+hardened reducer (HRC 60)+self-adjusting discbrake, maintenance-free.

Operating modes: cable to exercise (IP65, lift up to operational 50 million).

Wireless remote control: Cab (beautifull, and new capsule design, optional air conditioning), protection grade IP55, F class insulation, high galvanized steel wirerope, frequency control of small and tolley, smooth running, anti-shake and optional design.


Produk Overhead Bridge Crane (Double) ini tersedia di Batam, Jakarta, Samarinda, Surabaya & China.

Shipyard Facility.


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