AIS Tester NAT-300 di Batam

AIS Tester NAT-300 yang kami jual adalah produk baru dengan kualitas terbaik dan serta memiliki sertifikasi.


For the detection of various AIS devices, including AIS navigation etc. Taking into account both the AIS test and the DSC test.

Frequency test accuracy of up to + 99Hz (AIS equipment frequency allows the range of + 1000Hz)

Built in Storage for up to 10 test data

Dedicated software (compatible WINDOWS XP and 7, etc), is used to generate various reports deal with and test data

Easy to carry, ordinary batteries can support 5 hours of continuous testing.


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AIS Tester NAT-300 details:

Test Content

  • Test AIS Frequency
  • Test and estime AIS channel transmitting power
  • Receive and analysis AIS dope content
  • Transmitter data to AIS equipment
  • Inspect AIS equipment response status to Virtual ship
  • Test NMEA Data


  • Output Power: 4.5-7V, 4 Double a battery, or USB charging

Equipment List

  • AIS Tester
  • Attenuator
  • Aerial
  • USB Connection Cable (1.5)
  • User Manual
  • Software CD
  • Verification Certificate 2 Years


Produk AIS Tester NAT-300 ini tersedia di Batam, Jakarta, Samarinda, Surabaya, China.


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