Marine Anemometer AM706 di Batam

Marine Anemometer AM706 yang kami jual adalah produk baru dengan kualitas terbaik dan serta memiliki sertifikasi.


Marine Anemometer AM706 is a combined instrument for wind speed and wind direction.
It can measure relative wind speed (accuracy ±5%), relative wind direction (display accuracy 10°, output accuracy ±1°). With inputting GPS (RMC) data, user can choose heading, true wind or gust mode.


  • High Resolution Wind Speed & Direction
  • Temperature Resistance & Moisture Proof
  • High Brightness LED Displayer
  • Current Direction & Gust Range Display


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Marine Anemometer AM706 details:


  • Dimension: W196 x H202 x 64 mm
  • Cutting Window: W169 x H169 mm
  • Weight: Operator unit 2kg, Sensor Unit 10kg
  • Power Supply: 18VDC to DC 33VDC
  • Power Consumption: Less than 5W (24 VDC)
  • Sensor Unit Measurement: Height 838mm, activity radius 550M

Technical Parameter

  • The Range of The Wind Speed: 1.2~60m/s
  • The Accuracy of The Wind Speed: ±5%(min: 0.1m/s)
  • The Range of The Wind Direction: ±1°
  • Min Start Wind Speed: < 1.2m/s

Operating Temperature

  • Operator Unit: -15°C ~ +55°C
  • Sensor Unit: -15°C ~ +85°C

Storage Temperature

  • Operator Unit: -20°C ~ +70°C
  • Sensor Unit: -20°C ~ +85°C


  • Operator Unit: 10%-90% Relative Humidity
  • Sensor Unit: 10%-100% Relative Humidity
  • Sensor Unit Protection: IP56


Produk Marine Anemometer AM706 tersedia di Batam, Jakarta, Samarinda, Surabaya, China.


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